The Newest Spacesuits For NASA Will Also Include A ‘Toilet’, And You Won’t Believe How They Look Like

The Newest Spacesuits For NASA Will Also Include A ‘Toilet’, And You Won’t Believe How They Look Like

NASA engineers are working on a new spacesuit with a built-in toilet which in fact is a long-term urine and excrements disposal system. The female new spacesuit really puzzled the NASA engineers.

Spacesuits with ‘toilets’ haven’t been used by NASA astronauts since the Apollo missions, and it is expected the new spacesuits with ‘toilets’ to have many features similar to those used in the ’70s.

The new suits, named the Orion Crew Survival Systems (OCSS) suits, will be worn by the astronauts in the next generation human spacecraft of the NASA, Orion. Orion will also feature its own toilet, but NASA was thinking to built spacesuits with ‘toilets’ as a contingency plan, in case of emergency. For example, the Orion capsule can depressurize, so the astronauts will have put their suits on and wear them in order to survive for a longer period of time.

The new spacesuits with a built-in toilet are designed to help astronaut survive for 6 days

There are two main types of suits used today by astronauts, namely a flight suit for launch and entry and a gigantic white space suits (extravehicular mobility unit) used during out space activities, the so-called spacewalks.

Both suit types feature maximum absorption garments (MAG) which, in fact, are diapers.

The American space agency’s new spacesuits will help the astronauts to survive for up to six days, meaning that men and women should be able to do things like eat, urinating and defecating without taking the spacesuits off.

Once out of the space suit, the astronauts can use the toilets on board. However, this new project is still under development.

For men, there will be condom-like catheters to collect the urine and a feces bag.

The spacesuit with a built-in toilet for women is much more complicated due to their physiology but NASA has a solution for this too. However, they didn’t offer details about it.


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