New Study Identifies Phenomenon That’s Driving Evolution on Earth

New Study Identifies Phenomenon That’s Driving Evolution on Earth

Life is perhaps the most amazing thing that the Universe can create, and scientists still struggle to bring some irrefutable answers about many aspects from this area. But we can also perceive life as an ongoing process that started billions of years ago, just about when our planet started to cool down. informs us about a new study published in Science that reveals that we humans represent a dominant force when it comes to evolution. Oddly enough, that evolution, in this case, refers to both life itself and the climate.

Scientists from 26 countries participated in the study

Scientists from 26 countries tried to understand the impact of urbanization upon evolution on a global scale. The plant known as white clover (Trifolium repens) was used as a model. Scientists gathered more than 100,000 samples.

Here’s what Sarah Otto, a zoologist, was saying back in 2018:

The wing span of cliff swallows has evolved to be shorter near roads, with roadkilled swallows having longer wings, consistent with selection for increased maneuverability in the face of traffic.

Rob Ness, who is an assistant professor of biology from UTM, declared:

This study is a model to understand how humans change the evolution of life around us. Cities are where people live, and this is the most compelling evidence we have that we are altering the evolution of life in them. Beyond ecologists and evolutionary biologists, this is going to be important for society.

White clover belongs to the bean family Fabaceae (formerly known as Leguminosae). It’s native to Europe and the central parts of Asia. White clover represents one of the most cultivated types of clover. It’s a herbaceous and perennial plant. It features heads of whitish flowers that measure between 1.5-2 centimeters wide.

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