New Space Tourism Plans Revealed – Meet Spaceship Neptune

New Space Tourism Plans Revealed – Meet Spaceship Neptune

People who are looking for an out of this world experience, literally speaking, will be able to have it really soon. From an altitude of 100k feet in a balloon-borne pressurized cabin, people will get the chance to collect data or simply enjoy the view. The cabin will be equipped with a bar and restroom, according to a space startup that revealed this really cool new Thursday.

It’s been revealed that “Spaceship Neptune,” will be operated by a company called Space Perspective from leased facilities at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

It will carry eight passengers at a time on six-hour flights.

According to the notes, “The passenger cabin, lifted by a huge hydrogen-filled balloon, will climb at a sedate 12 mph to an altitude of about 30 miles high. That will be followed by a slow descent to splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean where a recovery ship will be standing by to secure the cabin and crew.”

Flights will begin in three and a half years 

CBSNews revealed that the test flights that carry scientific research payloads will be beginning the next year. The very first flights that carry passengers are expected to kick off in the next three and a half years. Before this, there will be piloted test flights.

It’s also worth noting the fact that the company will begin by operating out of the Florida spaceport, and them the system could be launched from more parts of the world as well. 

According to official notes, company reps stated that the initial cost would probably be in the neighborhood of $125,000 per passenger. People who will choose to fly with this system will not be experiencing weightlessness. 

“One of the amazing things about the design we’ve been able to work up is the ability to have events, things like weddings, corporate events. I can’t wait to see spiritual leaders flying with political leaders,” according to Space Perspective founder and co-CEO Taber MacCallum.


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