New Research Theorizes the Existence of Alien Invaders in Our Galaxy

New Research Theorizes the Existence of Alien Invaders in Our Galaxy

The world is already eager to find out more about new signals coming from space that were detected this year by the Sky Eye telescope of China.

In this article, we’ll be talking about new research that analyzes another signal that came from space and was intercepted by the Big Ear Radio Telescope at Ohio State University in 1977. It was known as the Wow! Signal and it remains even today a possible way that aliens might be trying to say ‘Hello!’. Since no origin of the signal was detected, this allows many to speculate, and speaks about the new research that indicates the possible existence of hostile alien civilizations in our own Milky Way galaxy. A science communicator and amateur astronomer known as Alberto Caballero is the one responsible for the new study.

Four hostile alien civilizations existing in the Milky Way?

Aliens existing out there and thinking about invading Earth doesn’t sound like an unfamiliar scenario, as we’ve already seen it many times in sci-fi movies. But Caballero took it a lot more seriously than that, analyzing the hypothesis of such life forms existing in our galaxy, as well as how willing it would be for it to detect signals from Earth and choose to invade our planet. The astronomer evaluated the risk by using Earth’s own history. He wrote as quotes:

I based the estimation on the frequency of invasions on Earth in the last 100 years. Only 51 countries out of the 195 invaded another country. I found that as time goes by and humanity develops, the frequency of invasions decreases. Extrapolating the results to humanity once it becomes a Type-1 civilization capable of interstellar travel, the frequency and therefore probability of invasion goes down. The estimations are based on life as we know it.

We also can’t hide the fact that there are astronomers out there who claim that each and every one of us will kick the bucket until and if alien civilizations will ever reach Earth. In other words, aliens can arrive on our planet only in the far future if they really exist somewhere out there. And maybe that’s the way it should happen!

You can see the new research of Alberto Caballero by clicking here. Feel free to learn more about the study on!

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