New Research Shed Light For Alien Life Exploration In Spiral Galaxies

New Research Shed Light For Alien Life Exploration In Spiral Galaxies

Scientists have realized quite the discovery recently in the hunt for alien life. They narrowed down where the search should be occurring by finding that massive elliptical galaxies couldn’t house extraterrestrial life as initially believed, but spiral galaxies do.

But back in 2015, research claimed that those galaxies are up to 10,000 more times more likely to house habitable worlds than the spiral galaxies. The study also detailed that the elliptical galaxies are ancient, and they’re less volatile when it comes to star supernovae. They also possess more settled stars that could hold life. However, such beliefs are now reexamined by the University of Arkansas, and the results show otherwise.

Where to Find Alien Life, As Per Scientists

Researchers from the University of Arkansas thinks the most likely area to discover technology-reliant civilizations similar to ours would be in spiral galaxies. The Copernican Principle is a known theory that describes how, when a piece of evidence is missing, an object or some property of an object should be seen as typical of its class and not atypical. In other words, without evidence to show otherwise, we represent the norm, and there will exist civilizations like ours in areas like ours.

Such a thing also means that the most accurate area to hunt for alien life is in spiral galaxies because that’s the only place where we know life exists – the Earth. The University of Arkansas released a statement about the elliptical galaxies, explaining: “These galaxies went through an early phase in which there is so much radiation that it would just completely have nuked any habitable planets in the galaxy and subsequently the star formation rate, and thus any new planets, went to essentially zero.”

The way elliptical galaxies evolved is also extremely different than the Milky Way. Currently, there are no new stars developing, and all the ancient stars have been sterilized and irradiated. However, there’s where to search for alien life.

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