New Report Offers Horrific Solutions for How to Deal with Astronauts Dying on Mars

New Report Offers Horrific Solutions for How to Deal with Astronauts Dying on Mars

It should be only a matter of time until humanity will arrive on Mars, but scientists are constantly analyzing the scenario as it could be a lot more dangerous than anybody thought possible. There are a lot of risks once you leave Earth’s protective shield, the atmosphere.
There’s also the fact that Mars is a lot more unfriendly than Earth. The Red Planet is known to have a harsh climate, just to say the least. A series of hostile cosmic conditions could lead astronauts to death, and neglecting such a possibility is certainly not an option. now speaks about new possible ways of handling the hypothetical problem of astronauts dying on Mars.

Months or even years are needed for a soulless body to be returned to Earth

Astronauts dying on space missions represent a reality nobody can deny. Twenty-one astronauts lost their lives in the past 60 years while they were on space missions.
As the Popular Science report claims, scientists have proposed to bury the dead bodies on the soil of Mars after they are burned to avoid any contamination.

Devouring the corpse of a fallen crew member?

For the worst-case scenario, when the astronauts run out of food, they could be forced to consume the corpse of a colleague who passed away. Experts are informing about what happened almost forty years ago when an Uruguayan rugby team crashed with a plane. Those who survived had no way to feed themselves but to eat the remnants of those who passed away.
Of course, first of all, humans have to reach Mars, as there’s no one hundred percent guarantee that it will happen. At least the idea to bury dead astronauts on the Red Planet will certainly trigger ethical concerns, and we can only hope that no astronaut will die on such a space journey.

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