New Proof That Life On Mars Is Real Revealed, But NASA Denies It

New Proof That Life On Mars Is Real Revealed, But NASA Denies It

A discovery just popped up from a bunch of photos that are showing that life on Mars does exist. The pictures are revealing pieces of arthropod body, including legs, wings, or antennae in the area where the images were shot.

The searching for life on Mars is not ended and probably will never end. So scientists are trying in every way to find proof that life on Mars exists. The findings belong to a researcher from Ohio University from the US. He is the one stating that insects are the proofs that can show that life on the planet exists.

The scientist is positive that life on Mars exists

The images captured by different Mars rovers have been the perfect material for the researcher Emeritus William Romoser. He found out that short forms that look like insects, or maybe reptile forms, or even fossils are living on Mars.

In Romoser’s opinion, living creatures do exist as well as fossils, and that the fauna is quite diverse on the planet. The professor found similarities between the forms from Mars and our insects. They look like living in groups, they have wings, legs, and also they are flying.

Moreover, Romoser is saying that the rovers are looking for cellular activity, but they excluded the forms of insect and reptile. The pictures are the best evidence he got about his theory. One of the images is showing legs, antennae, body parts, and wings.

NASA denies the new proof

All the pictures were carefully analyzed, and no other data interfered with them. The professor considered every aspect of the photo. The clarity of the photograph and form, the contrast, the light, and the surroundings.

To sum up, Romoser discovered six legs in some picture or a pair of antennae, and the body parts that are indicating that we are talking about an insect. The settings that could sustain life must be composed of nutrients, food, water, and other biological data for a creature to live. NASA denies that there is life on Mars.


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