A New Mind-Reading Technology Has Been Developed By Canadian Scientists

A New Mind-Reading Technology Has Been Developed By Canadian Scientists

Dan Nemrodov of the University of Toronto and his Canadian research team have elaborated a mind-reading technology capable of interpreting brain waves in order to reconstruct the image the subject is having in his/her mind. In short, this new mind-reading technology is telling who are you thinking about.

“When we see something, our brain creates a mental percept, which is essentially a mental impression of that thing. We were able to capture this percept using EEG to get a direct illustration of what’s happening in the brain during this process,” explained Dan Nemrodov.

The mind-reading technology is using EEG readings

The participants in this study were connected to EEG equipment to record their brain waves. Then, the researchers used machine learning algorithms to reproduce the very image each participant had in mind.

According to Dan Nemrodov, this study proves that EEG equipment detains the ability to create this kind of image reproduction, a fact that was believed to be impossible due to the fact that EEG equipment has some limitations.

The mind-reading technology might be applicable to other various purposes, too

The scientists admitted that they will keep on studying this method to make it possible to apply the images recreation from EEG reading to a large-scale of purposes.

“It could provide a means of communication for people who are unable to verbally communicate,” explained Adrian Nestor of the University of Toronto.

“It could also have forensic uses for law enforcement in gathering eyewitness information on potential suspects,” added Nestor.

Scientists have always tried to develop such technologies. So far, the mind-reading technology developed by Canadian scientists got the closest to what a technology like this should offer. And the most interesting fact is that this new mind-reading technology can recreate an actual image of a face in lots of details.


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