New Military Tech Allows the User to See Through Walls

New Military Tech Allows the User to See Through Walls

Seeing through walls surely sounds like a sci-fi scenario and something Superman would do. But once again, researchers prove that it can even be done in the real world.

Insider reveals that new technology developed for the Israeli military will allow people to see what’s beyond walls in real-time. There are now high hopes that the new system will become essential not only for the military but also for other structures such as law enforcement and others.

Meet Xaver 1000

Xaver 1000 may sound like the moniker of a cyborg, but it’s actually the new technology in question. Using a tracking algorithm based on AI, Xaver 1000 is able to tell how many people exist in a room, how far away they are from the system, their height and orientation, their position, and more. 

Camero-Tech, an Israeli company responsible for imaging solutions, is also responsible for the development of Xaver 1000. 

Amir Beeri, who’s CEO and founder of Camero-Tech, explained as quotes:

The Xaver 1000 determines the most suitable approach to ensure successful life-saving missions in a variety of operational scenarios, such as hostage rescue situations, 

It is a true game-changer for special forces and law-enforcement teams conducting urban and rural operations that require reliable information regarding hidden live objects.

Systems capable of seeing through objects don’t represent something entirely new, as we already said. For instance, one such system that we spoke about last year in November is capable of seeing what exists beyond fog or even the human skull. But that seems nothing compared to the system that makes the subject of this article.

The Eurosatury 2022 exhibition from Paris is the event where the Xaver 1000 technology was presented for the first time.

Let’s hope that our neighbors won’t get their hands on the new system if it ever lands on the market!

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