New Invention Allows “Superman Vision” – See Inside a Room Through a Keyhole

New Invention Allows “Superman Vision” – See Inside a Room Through a Keyhole

If you always wanted to see through the walls of a room, you’re not the only one. But at least for now, there is an alternative. A new invention will allow you to see an entire room through the age-old method that we’ve all tried: watching through a keyhole. speaks about the new intriguing invention that will likely give “Superman” vision to many of us. The new tech gimmick is possible thanks to researchers from the Stanford Computational Imaging Lab, who had expanded on the non-line-of-sight imaging technique.

See what’s inside a room through a point of laser entering through the keyhole

The technique is known as non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging, and it has been refined for years in research labs.

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Part of the official description says:

Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging and tracking is an emerging technology that allows the shape or position of objects around corners or behind diffusers to be recovered from transient, time-of-flight measurements. However, existing NLOS approaches require the imaging system to scan a large area on a visible surface, where the indirect light paths of hidden objects are sampled. In many applications, such as robotic vision or autonomous driving, optical access to a large scanning area may not be available, which severely limits the practicality of existing NLOS techniques. Here, we propose a new approach, dubbed keyhole imaging, that captures a sequence of transient measurements along a single optical path, for example, through a keyhole.

According to the Proceedings in the National Academy of Sciences, NILOS imaging can reconstruct hidden objects from indirect light paths that can scatter multiple times in a surrounding environment.

We know you’ve always wanted to be Superman like many of us, and you’ll likely get such a chance someday if you try out the NILOS imaging technique.


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