New Fireball Emerging Across the Skies of the US Leaves Residents Speechless – Watch VIDEO

New Fireball Emerging Across the Skies of the US Leaves Residents Speechless – Watch VIDEO

Spotting an imposing fireball in the night sky is indeed one tough challenge. But thankfully or not, nature is caring enough to bring those meteors to us since we cannot reach them for ourselves. 

Hundreds of people reported the spotting of a bright fireball zooming above their heads and across 12 American states, as well as above the Ontario province of Canada. That’s what the American Meteor Society reveals, according to The Indian Express. Eyewitnesses from states such as Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have reported the cosmic event unfolding right before their eyes. 

The US East Coast witnessed the sparkling meteor

The meteor was visible from the East Coast of the US, and the event took place last week. The unusual sighting in the sky triggered numerous reactions on social media, with some people even claiming in a somewhat joking matter that aliens had arrived on Earth. 

Luckily enough, a lot of people have cameras placed at their main door, which is why we have lots of footage of the meteor in question. We can see it as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, just like in the video below:

A tweet coming from Now This News writes as The Indian Express quotes:

According to the AMS fireball event map, people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and up into Ontario spotted the shooting star as it crashed across Earth’s atmosphere. People as far south as Tennessee and South Carolina also reported seeing the fireball.

Luckily for all of us, most meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere are far too small to be able to pose a threat to our planet. They usually get disintegrated in the atmosphere due to air friction and their enormous speeds. Many of such space rocks come to Earth directly from the edges of the Solar System, which is why they are able to reach velocities of tens of thousands of miles per hour. 

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