A New Fabulous Expedition In Antarctica Will Be Conducted By A UK Team

A New Fabulous Expedition In Antarctica Will Be Conducted By A UK Team

A UK team of scientists decided to join the exploration of the ecosystem of the seabed of a region in Antarctica which was exposed during the rupture of a huge iceberg that occurred in 2017.

The iceberg rupture

A giant iceberg, one of the largest one to date, broke off the Antarctic continent on July 12th, 2017.

The huge ice block, measuring about 6,000 square kilometers was spotted on Wednesday by an American satellite as it was moving on the Larsen C glacier region.

Scientists, who have been pursuing for over a decade the evolution of the huge crevasse that led to the ice block rupture, have anticipated this event. The phenomenon has accelerated since 2014, according to scientists, just to broke three years later.

The expedition

The team will have the mission to observe the natural marine animals habitat and the iceberg’s rupture effects on the marine life.

“This is a unique opportunity to study marine life as it responds to a dramatic environmental change,” admitted Katrin Linse a marine biologist at the British Antarctica Survey and the leader of the UK’s expedition team.

She also added that the mission should be urged as the scientists have to study the seabed in that region before the sunlight triggers changes in the marine life there.

The team needs a lot of perseverance and courage to get where it needs to be because the Larsen C glacier, from which the iceberg ruptured in 2017 is situated in the Antarctic Peninsula which is an area with lots of sea ice. The director of the British Antarctica Survey, Professor David Vaughan, stated he and his colleagues will do their best to get the team in the right place to start the exploration.

“The calving of A68 (the official name of the iceberg) offers a new and unprecedented opportunity to establish an interdisciplinary scientific research programme in this climate-sensitive region. Now is the time to address fundamental questions about the sustainability of polar continental shelves under climate change,” Professor Vaughan declared regarding the future expedition in Antarctica.


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