New England Residents Witness Imposing Fireball on the Sky

New England Residents Witness Imposing Fireball on the Sky

New England means a pretty large region of the USA, as it’s composed of the American states of Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire. Those living in New England got to witness a new fireball as it dances in the sky.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) informs that the event occurred at about 11:15 p.m. A number of 85 reports were received by the AMS about the fireball. Except for New England, the meteor was also visible from New York, New Jersey, and Canada.

Much faster and brighter than a shooting star

Sarah C. from Cumberland (Maine) said for the AMS as quoted by

Never seen anything like it,
Reminded me of a shooting star but much faster and much brighter.

A woman from New Durham (New Hampshire) reported as also quoted by

Very bright and amazing,
Huge flash of light I thought was lightning and then I thought it was a firework but there was no sound. It had a bright tail and lit up the whole sky.

Luckily or not, fireballs are far from representing anything rare in the US. Another fireball illuminated the skies of Idaho recently. The phenomenon was so incredibly bright that it practically turned day into night.

Otherwise, fireballs aren’t too rare. If you stare at the sky regularly during dark nights, you can get to see a fireball roughly twice a year. However, daylight fireballs are extremely rare.

Each year, our planet is hit by roughly 6100 meteors that are large enough to hit the surface, also meaning 17 per day.

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