A New Electronic Skin Device Has Been Designed To Monitor Patients’ Health

A New Electronic Skin Device Has Been Designed To Monitor Patients’ Health

Japanese researchers at the University of Tokio in collaboration with Dai Nippon Printing have developed an “electronic skin” that can measure and display vital signs (pulse) in real time. Japan’s elastic skin includes a 16×24 LED display and is designed to improve the health system.

The device will only last for one week and will be wirelessly connected to an EKG machine

Researchers in engineering from the University of Tokyo have developed this ultra-thin display that sticks to the patients’ own skin. The “electronic skin” makers claim that the rubber foil will last for only a week and will stick to the skin of the patients without causing inflammation.

The display is wirelessly connected to an electrocardiograph that can real-time monitor the heartbeat of the person using this innovative system. The vital signs of the patient can then be sent to a cloud for storage, to any other medical device, or directly to a physician.

The new medical device is meant to help public health systems, especially in the case of home care. In elderly patients, the public system fails to deal with home-based healthcare requests, so such a device could facilitate non-invasive home monitoring and care, or, moreover, it could improve the way patients control their own health without the need for a doctor’s presence.

The electronic skin will reduce costs and efforts in patients who are treating at home

The project leader, Professor Takao Someya, believes that this “portable” sensor “electronic skin” reduces the effort of patients and family members who care for the patient.

Researchers hope the integrated display will be launched within the next three years, but this innovative device still needs some upgrades, especially with regard to the viability of its elastic structure.

Dai Nippon Printing, a Japanese company working on this project, is currently conducting extensive studies to find out whether the technology can be expanded for both the high consumption and is also testing other fields in which the electronic skin could be used.


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