New Discovery Reveals That Female Dolphins Could Enjoy Sex

New Discovery Reveals That Female Dolphins Could Enjoy Sex

Having sex with the chosen one is probably the greatest pleasure a human being can experience in a lifetime. A new study now reveals that dolphins could enjoy the same gift from nature as well. Although we’re not sure that the animals are so selective as us humans when it comes to sex, we have a new strong reason to believe that they enjoy engaging in such an act.

Scientists have now found evidence that the clitoris of female dolphins is fully functional, making it incredibly similar to the same organ that humans have. This can only mean one thing, and you’ve already guessed it.

Female dolphins must enjoy mating

Patricia Brennan, who’s a co-author of the new study, explains that strangely enough, there have been few academic studies regarding the clitoris and sexual pleasure for females in nature. She said:

This has left us with an incomplete picture of the true nature of sexual behaviors,

Studying and understanding sexual behaviors in nature is a fundamental part of understanding the animal experience and may even have important medical applications in the future.

Brennan studied the vaginas of plenty of animals, including dolphins. She explained, as quoted by

Every time we looked at the vaginas, it was like this giant clitoris staring us in the face,

Just from knowing the behavior of female dolphins, we had a pretty good idea that they were probably enjoying sex. They’re having heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, and they’re masturbating. That suggests this feels good to them.

There you have it. Regardless of how pleasurable sex is for us humans, it’s nice to see that we aren’t the only species so privileged to find pleasure in such an act. Every species on Earth deserves it!

The new study was published in Current Biology.


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