New Bylaw Forbids People to Feed Wild Animals

New Bylaw Forbids People to Feed Wild Animals

Feeding wild animals can have several negative consequences, both for the animals and for humans. Firstly, feeding wild animals can cause them to become dependent on human-provided food and alter their natural foraging behaviors. This can lead to a decrease in the animal’s ability to survive and reproduce in the wild without human intervention.

Additionally, feeding wild animals can create conflict with humans. Animals that are accustomed to being fed may become aggressive or bold in their interactions with humans, increasing the likelihood of human-wildlife conflicts. These conflicts can lead to property damage, injury, or even death for both humans and animals.

A new bylaw comes into effect on April 1

The City of Toronto is urging people not to feed local wildlife, as new bylaw regulations will come into effect on April 1, making it illegal to feed or attract animals with food on both public and private properties in Toronto, as cp24 reveals. The city intends to educate the public about this new bylaw, but those who violate it may face an undisclosed fine.

An official statement writes, as the same source quotes:

If there is a complaint or information about a possible violation, Bylaw Enforcement Officers will investigate, provide education or take enforcement action. The City aims to first provide education around the new bylaw regulations to explain why they are important to the safety of both wildlife and the community,

The goal is to resolve issues and ensure that people are following the rules under the bylaw.

Jennifer McKelvie, the Deputy Mayor of Toronto, explained in a tweet:

They’re not pets.
Don’t feed them.

Feeding wildlife conditions animals to expect food from people, putting both animals and the community at risk. Let’s respect their natural habitat and enable them to thrive independently.

In summary, feeding wild animals can be detrimental to both the animals and humans, leading to altered behavior, conflicts, disease transmission, and environmental consequences. It is important to avoid feeding wild animals and instead let them rely on natural food sources to maintain their natural behaviors and ecological balance.


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