Neutron Stars Collision May Have Resulted Into The Smallest Black Hole Ever Seen

Neutron Stars Collision May Have Resulted Into The Smallest Black Hole Ever Seen

The very first witnessed collision of two star remains, commonly referred to as neutron stars, has most likely produced the weakest black hole ever detected, according to the scientists’ report of the event, published on June 1st in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Two neutron stars collided and the astronomers detected this very rare phenomenon for the first time in history

The collision between two neutron stars was detected in August 2017 represented an astonishing observation for the astronomers and yielded some very important insight into the background of precious metals formation and the intriguing dark energy that sustains the growth of the Universe.

Ever since then, scientists have pondered what changed in the two neutron stars after their collision which led to their merging. This puzzling combination of these two dead stars, possessing a mass of 3 times larger than our Sun, was presumed to be either the most powerful neutron star that has ever been detected or the smallest black hole ever seen.

Scientists believe the collision of the two neutron stars resulted into the smallest black hole ever seen

If this couple of neutron stars would’ve joined forces to produce a larger dead star, then a glowing high-energy layer made of particles should’ve been visible surrounding the massive neutron star. It would be pretty much like the Crab Nebula but a lot shinier, the scientists said.

However, the X-Ray radiations emitted from the collision between the two neutron stars were too weak to correspond to that description and, thus, the team came to the conclusion that the impact led to a small black hole.

The study is, nonetheless, far from being concluded because, as Pawan Kumar, an astrophysicist from the University of Texas, in Austin, and one of the study’s co-author said, future examinations on the X-Ray luminance of the remnants of the two neutron stars collision could aid astronomers either validate or disprove the presence of the presumed smallest black hole ever seen.


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