Neuroscientist Reveals Six Habits for Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Neuroscientist Reveals Six Habits for Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Our brain is like a muscle. If we don’t train it as regularly as possible, it will become weak. Intellectual nurture such as reading, solving puzzles, or rubik’s cubes are always good ideas, especially at older ages. tells us that neuroscientist Christian Jarrett reveals the six habits people need for keeping their brains active. Let’s see the list:

Be curious

You’ll have a sharper mind and you’ll be at lower risk of developing dementia if you tend to be more curious, creative, and also willing to give new things a try.

Working out

If you’re not a fan of activities such as swimming, running or others, you can simply go for the good old walking process. Sedentary and obesity are associated with increased risk of dementia and faster cognitive decline.

Think positive

It may sound ridiculous, but positive thinking can also help. You need to be optimistic about your future in order to have a healthy brain.

Eat well

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends us the ‘Mediterranean Diet’, and it’s understandable. The diet is rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes, and so on.


While trying to keep your brain healthy, don’t forget about one of the easiest methods of all: socializing. Not many people know that isolation is a major risk factor for dementia.

University of Groningen researchers put in a review, as quoted by

People with less social participation, less frequent social contact and more feelings of loneliness have an increased risk to develop dementia.

Remain mentally active

As the same afore-mentioned publication is telling us:

Psychologists and gerontologists refer to a concept known as ‘cognitive reserve’ which is essentially your brain’s ability to adapt in the face of ageing or illness.

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