Nature’s Predators: Top Animals You Didn’t Know Could Make a Meal of You

Nature’s Predators: Top Animals You Didn’t Know Could Make a Meal of You

We often like to believe that animals are our friends, but we should accept the fact that many of those creatures also have a dark side.  While some of them attack other creatures just to eat, others will do it if members of other species jump into their territory.

 Considering that we humans like to eat the flesh of numerous animals, such as chickens, cows, fish, and so on, it’s a bit ironic that some animals also have human flesh on the menu if they get the chance.  You could say that nature gets even in some way, although, of course, it’s unfortunate that humans fall victim to the jaws of some wild beasts out there.

While the vast majority of us know very well that animals such as bears, wolves, tigers, lions, and others eat human flesh, as we’ve all been taught when we were little that we should stay away from these animals, let’s find out a list of some species that you didn’t know  would eat human flesh if they have the chance:


Pigs are not known as natural predators of humans, and in most cases, these animals are kept in controlled environments such as farms where they are being raised for meat production. Otherwise, we all know that pigs are considered disgusting animals, and one of the reasons is that they eat about everything they can if they get the chance. Pigs are indeed omnivorous animals and are known to consume a wide variety of foods, including meat. However, it’s important to keep in mind that instances of pigs consuming humans are extremely rare and typically occur under very unusual circumstances. 

 Even so, there have been some isolated incidents where pigs have consumed human remains, particularly in cases where a person has died unexpectedly and their body is not discovered for a relatively long period of time. In such rare cases, pigs may even scavenge on human remains if they are given that opportunity, as these animals are opportunistic feeders and even have a keen sense of smell.


Although chimpanzees are well known for their intelligence and social behavior, these animals are usually viewed as our close relatives rather than predators. However, out there in the wild, chimpanzees have been observed hunting and even cannibalizing other primates, such as humans.  Although instances of chimpanzees’ aggression towards humans are relatively rare, they still highlight the complexities of interspecies interactions.

Domesticated animals

Domesticated animals such as dogs are indeed usually cute and fluffy, and they can even be wonderful companions. But believe it or not, dogs still retain their natural Instincts, which can sometimes manifest in unexpected and very dreadful ways. In relatively rare cases, domestic animals such as dogs may exhibit aggressive behavior towards humans, particularly if they feel threatened or if their predatory instincts are triggered. 


Even though there is no documented evidence to suggest that crows actively seek out or consume human flesh as a regular diet these creatures are still omnivorous by Nature. Crows are known for their intelligence and opportunistic feeding habits, and they mainly feed on a diet of insects, fruits, grains, seeds, and small animals such as rodents and amphibians. 

 Crows are known as scavengers and may feed on carrion, including the remains of deceased animals and humans, if they come across them. However, it’s important to keep in mind that instances of crows consuming human flesh are extremely rare and typically occur only under unusual circumstances, such as when a deceased person’s body is left exposed outdoors.

In the end, we can keep in mind that the likelihood of being eaten by any of the animals mentioned here is relatively low. However, these examples serve as a reminder that nature is full of surprises, which are not always pleasant. Whether out of instinct, necessity, or rare circumstances, probably even the most unsuspecting creatures can pose a threat under certain conditions.


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