NASA’s picture of the day presents Orion Nebula and LL Ori

NASA’s picture of the day presents Orion Nebula and LL Ori

NASA does more than simply analyze the cosmos. The agency manages to share knowledge with common people, and they use the Internet as an education tool. It appears that the main purpose of NASA is to make the Universe feel a little bit more familiar, and they manage to do that successfully.

For example, NASA does provide an astronomy picture every day, followed by a “brief explanation written by a professional astronomer”. The latest one revealed LL Ori and Orion Nebula, and it managed to transfer the viewers into the incredible space.

The explanation behind the picture

The mesmerizing picture managed to surprise some “cosmic waves”, created in the sea of gas and dust the exists in Orion Nebula. The image presents some otherworldly clouds, painted in nuances of pink, purple and yellow, and the fluid shapes reveal some stars behind them.

The stellar wind creates a shock front by moving into the gas and manages to create flowing shapes. LL Ori’s cosmic bow shock can be seen above and left of center, in the shape or an arching structure. The same shock front has the shape of a bowl in three dimensions.

Image of the day

The website which provides a picture for each day has an important task. Its role is to make cosmic phenomena easy to understand and to provide visuals for those of us who consider the space something foreign and difficult to understand.

The latest picture presenting Orion Nebula’s sea of gas is just another proof that art can be found everywhere, and that science is not there to destroy it, but to provide a stable support for it. We can only wait to see what will be revealed next on, and it is very likely that we will be mesmerized once again.


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