NASA’s Perseverance Rover Spots “Frog” on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Spots “Frog” on Mars

Astronomers always suspected that Mars could be hosting some life forms. Although they should be far less complex than humans and other creatures we find on Earth, looking for extraterrestrial life still remains worth it.

Nowadays, scientists are pretty sure that there’s nothing dwelling on Mars that also has life in it. But that doesn’t stop them from finding peculiar shapes that resemble creatures we see on Earth. reveals a “frog” found by the Perseverance rover on the Red Planet.

“Martian frogs” aren’t real

What Perseverance has found is clearly just an optical illusion. Judging by the data astronomers have until now about our neighboring planet, it’s pretty certain that real frogs could never be able to survive under the conditions from Mars. There’s not enough oxygen, and the temperatures are way below zero.

Astronomers seem very eager to send the first humans to Mars. Even some simulations of manned missions were run. Until that glorious moment, astronomers also hope to find signs of present or past life existing on the Red Planet. Back in September, our publication announced that a rover was preparing to drill deeper than ever into the soil of Mars. Extraterrestrial beings don’t necessarily have to look like those that we’ve all seen in cartoons and sci-fi movies.

Part of the video’s description says as follows:

ESA’s Rosalind Franklin twin rover on Earth has drilled down and extracted samples 1.7 metres into the ground – much deeper than any other martian rover has ever attempted.

The first samples have been collected as part of a series of tests at the Mars Terrain Simulator at the ALTEC premises in Turin, Italy. The replica, also known as the Ground Test Model, is fully representative of the rover set to land on Mars.

However, we must admit that the existence of a “real” frog on Mars is a more plausible scenario than to encounter highly intelligent and advanced life forms.

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