NASA’s New Theory State the Possible Existence of Alien Life Beneath the Surface of Mars

NASA’s New Theory State the Possible Existence of Alien Life Beneath the Surface of Mars

Mars is the only planet from our Solar System where Earthlings could theoretically build a setting. That alone serves as a strong argument for the hypothetical existence of life on the Red Planet. Therefore, astronomers should look closer to Mars with their powerful tools to look for signatures of alien life.

You may have heard about the radiolysis process. It means when radioactive elements are disintegrating water molecules deep under the ground. The process produces substances that can sustain bacteria. It has been happening on Earth for billions of years. Therefore, why wouldn’t it happen on Mars as well? That’s exactly what scientists are betting on now, according to a new study published in Astrobiology.

Microbial life dwelling beneath Mars’ surface?

If the new theory is correct, the Red Planet’s subsurface could be teeming with microbial life. In other words, aliens could exist on Mars. Although microbial organisms are far from complex life forms capable of inventing and understanding the internet, both can still represent alien life.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Jesse Tarnas, who is the lead author of the new study and also planetary scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, declared as quoted by Scientific American:

The environment with the best chance of habitability on Mars is the subsurface.

As far as astronomers know, there’s no absolute proof of alien life forms existing on Mars. Plenty of probes had been sent to the Red Planet and filming the environment. But when it comes to hypothetical microbial life, astronomers need to pay more attention to what happens on Mars and below the surface.

The scientific team analysed Martian meteorites as well as mineral makeup, grain sizes and radioactive element abundance to come up with the new theory.

If alien life isn’t present on any form on Mars, maybe humans will become the first life form roaming across the Red Planet’s surface. NASA plans to send humans to our neighbouring planet if everything goes well with the upcoming Artemis mission.

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