NASA’s Hubble Telescope Snaps Unforgettable Photo of the Orion Nebula’s Clouds

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Snaps Unforgettable Photo of the Orion Nebula’s Clouds

The Orion Nebula has been under the attention of astronomers for a long time. There’s no wonder why, as we’re talking about a stellar nursery that impresses through its wide range of colors and numerous young stars. The nebula is located 1,344 light-years away from us, and it’s even visible to the naked eye. In other words, it’s not necessary to be one of those smart guys from NASA or to have a powerful telescope in your attic in order to see Orion.

But things sure change drastically when a space telescope aims its powerful gears at the Orion Nebula, as the images it brings back can speak more than a million words. NASA’s good ol’ Hubble sure proves it well by showing a new photo to the world:

The Orion Nebula is also teeming with young stars, which means that astronomers should surely focus their attention in the area as much as possible. While Hubble seems to have paid its dues, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) won’t fall short, either.

About a month ago, information surfaced online about James Webb preparing to focus on newborn stars from the Orion Nebula as soon as it’s done with the first full-color images of the Universe. That latter moment came on July 12, which means that now astronomers have plenty of time to use the powerful JWST in other ways as well. 

James Webb plans to aim at the Trapezium Cluster, to be more precise, meaning a star nursery from the Orion Nebula itself. Here’s what an official statement said, as quotes:

Because the Orion Nebula is home to many, many young stars, there are many jets and outflows in the region, both large and small,

The team will use Webb to measure the fine structures in these outflows and determine their speeds, as well as assess their cumulative feedback on the surrounding star-forming clouds.

The world is currently just getting a glimpse of what the James Webb Telescope has to offer, and we’re not exaggerating one bit with that claim.

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