NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Unique Panorama of Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Unique Panorama of Mars

Going to Mars was once only a scenario for successful sci-fi movies. But as years pass, we have more and more reasons to believe that such an achievement is possible in reality. NASA and other space agencies are looking for ways of sending astronauts to the Red Planet and bringing back valuable data. Terraforming Mars is also a scenario put under debate, but let’s face it: that could only be possible in the far future.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring the surface of our neighboring planet for almost a decade, and in honor of such an impressive journey, it has now snapped a beautiful panoramic image of the surroundings from Mars.

Not a few astronomers are those suspecting that alien life might exist right “next-door to us”. While we’re all imagining aliens to be living “in a galaxy far,far away” as in Star Wars, they could actually be present on Mars. Aliens could exist in a multitude of forms, even microbial. Scientists suspected that some alien life forms might be present on Mars, moons of Jupiter or Saturn, or even in the clouds of the hellish world Venus.

An artificial magnetosphere on Mars?

Astronomers analyze all sorts of possibilities when it comes to exploiting Mars. A strong magnetic field such as the one Earth has is on the list of conditions Mars needs to host a diversity of life forms. explains how building an artificial magnetosphere on Mars could be done.

But let’s not forget about the alternative of creating an Earth-like magnetic field on Mars, some people would say. Such a thing is impossible, at least by using the current scientific advancements that humanity has. Either way, humanity continues to make important steps towards the goal of landing with human crew on the Red Planet.

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