NASA’s Artemis I Spacecraft Leaves Earth Behind in Amazing Video – Watch NOW

NASA’s Artemis I Spacecraft Leaves Earth Behind in Amazing Video – Watch NOW

Before NASA makes humans return to the Moon after a huge period of half a century, the space agency first needs to see how the Artemis I mission unfolds. The Orion capsule is heading towards our natural satellite after it was launched on top of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket of NASA this morning, November 16.

Thanks to a new timelapse posted on Twitter, we can feast our eyes on how the capsule is leaving Earth rapidly as our planet is getting smaller and smaller. 

We can also see the Sun in the same frame as it appears above the Earth, dominating the footage. Our star seems to be willing to remind us that we can’t live without it, literally speaking.

NASA shared another impressive footage:

A commentator of the space agency stated, as Futurism quotes:

This view of Earth captured from a human-rated spacecraft not seen since 1972, during the final Apollo stages some 50 years ago,

The views of our blue marble in the blackness of space now capturing the imagination of a new generation — the Artemis generation.

If everything goes as planned regarding the future Artemis mission, which implies sending a man and a woman to the Moon, the next stop will be planet Mars. However, plenty of more information is needed by astronomers to know for sure if going to the Red Planet and living there, at least for a short time, is possible.

There are no humans on board the Orion capsule, so there’s no use getting too excited for now. NASA plans to send astronauts to the Moon only in 2025.


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