NASA Shared Some Stunning Images With Jupiter

NASA Shared Some Stunning Images With Jupiter

Juno is the spacecraft that closely monitors the most giant planet in our solar system, Jupiter. The probe has been orbiting around the giant planet for over the past four years. Its primary objective is to provide insight into the origins and the evolution of the gas giant. Juno has recently managed to complete its 26th close flight to the planet, and it even managed to take a couple of impressive shots, portraying Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Juno’s mission into the outer space is scheduled to finish the next year in July after almost ten years of serving NASA, since its launch on the 5th August 2011. The JunoCam’s images bear a striking resemblance to a modern work of art. The scientists Kevin M. Gil has successfully merged all the separate shots taken by the spacecraft to recreate the actual appearance of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Jupiter looks amazing in these new images from NASA

In addition to this, he intensified the contrast of the colors to acquire this awesome scenery that has amazed an impressive amount of people all over the world.

The photo was successfully taken on 10th April at a distance of 8,650 kilometers above the clouds of the giant planet. The spacecraft was orbiting at a speed of 204,000 km/h. the photo provides resourceful information regarding the topography of the shadows. After a careful examination, researchers have managed to determine a series of colorful, bright, and snappy clouds positioned in the proximity of the curved ends. Moreover, the dark areas compensate, displaying the more considerable depth of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

The space agency has decided to publish the RAW shots taken by Juno on its official website. These incredible works of arts are only 21 MB in size should you wish to download them. Therefore, if you are looking for an impressive background for any of your gadgets, check Juno’s work on NASA’s official Internet page.

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