NASA Sends Astronaut To Live For 6 Months On The International Space Station

NASA Sends Astronaut To Live For 6 Months On The International Space Station

NASA has many capable astronauts that are always ready to start long missions away from home. Next to American citizens, here we can meet Canadians or people with both US and Canada citizenship. All of them are prepared to work in a team and put every effort into succeeding.

One of the brave Canadians who works at NASA is Andrew “Drew” Feustel. The passion for his work and love for his native country made him become one of the many persons with dual citizenship – American and Canadian. On Wednesday, this dedicated astronaut headed off towards The International Space Station, where he will spend the next six months. During his journey, Feustel will be accompanied by another NASA astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut.

The team departed on board of a Soyuz rocket, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome situated in Kazakhstan, as planned. They are expected to reach the destination on Friday. This mission is the third time when Feustel flies into space and the second time when he reaches The International Space Station. In June, he will take command over the place, so he can use this opportunity to get used to it.

Who is this brave Canadian astronaut

Feustel began his work as an astronaut in August 2000. Since then, he got a lot of support and understanding from his family. He is happily married to a speech pathologist and has two boys who were born on the same day, but the difference between them is two years.

Feustel’s latest mission is happening eight months before the Canadian Space Agency will send another astronaut on a research quest. In this case, the destination will be a laboratory from the orbiting space and the mission will start in November.

Let’s wish them luck and follow the results of their work! We have a lot to learn from them.


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