NASA Selects Two New Missions to Learn More About the Sun

NASA Selects Two New Missions to Learn More About the Sun

Whether scientists like to admit it or not, they always have more to learn about nature. This also includes the Sun, the star that never takes a break from providing heat and energy to all living things on Earth. But the great news is that scientists never stop searching for answers. reveals that NASA has selected two new missions to answer more questions about how the Sun works. Those missions are HelioSwarm and the Multi-slit Solar Explorer (MUSE).

There are still questions left unanswered

HelioSwarm and MUSE will reveal more about the Sun’s dynamics, the connection with the Earth, as well as the space environment that’s going through constant changes. 

Thomas Zurbuchen, who’s an associate administrator for science at the NASA Headquarters from Washington, declared as quotes:

MUSE and HelioSwarm will provide new and deeper insight into the solar atmosphere and space weather,

These missions not only extend the science of our other heliophysics missions—they also provide a unique perspective and a novel approach to understanding the mysteries of our star.

With the help of MUSE, astronomers will get to learn more even regarding space weather, which is a crucial field. Nicola Fox, who’s director of the Heliophysics Division from NASA, confirmed it by stating, as quoted by the same source:

MUSE will help us fill crucial gaps in knowledge pertaining to the Sun-Earth connection,

It will provide more insight into space weather and complements a host of other missions within the heliophysics mission fleet.

However, as big, imposing, protective, and bright the Sun is, it will reveal its dark side as well at some point deep into the future. In roughly 5 billion years from now, our star will cease its protective activity and explode. This obviously means that it will be the end of the road for all life forms on Earth if there will be any at that time.

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