NASA Seeks Help From the Public Regarding the Reuse of Trash for a Mars Mission – Prizes are Involved

NASA Seeks Help From the Public Regarding the Reuse of Trash for a Mars Mission – Prizes are Involved

NASA keeps giving planet Mars a lot of attention even today, and there’s no wonder why. The space agency seriously considers the idea to send humans there one day. However, we must all realize that such a thing won’t happen in 2022, but it’s nice to see that astronomers keep looking for answers in trying to find out how it can be done. 

Energy is another important thing to keep in mind for a mission to Mars. Using as little fuel as possible is obviously a ‘must’ for a space journey of at least 54.6 million kilometers. According to, NASA is looking for ways to go to the Red Planet using a minimum of waste materials, and the space agency asks the public for ideas. 

YOU can also participate and win $1,000!

The “Waste to Base” challenge is now open for anybody to provide their own ideas! The goal is to find out how to recycle trash, waste, foam packaging materials, and carbon dioxide during a Mars mission that shall last for two to three years.

You can accept the challenge until March 15, and you can win up to $1,000 if your idea will be accepted by NASA. The winner will be announced a month later, on April 22.

The website where you can submit your participation states:

This challenge is all about finding ways to convert waste into base materials and other useful things, like propellant or feedstock for 3D printing,

The challenge is looking for your ideas for how to convert different waste streams into propellant, and into useful materials, that can then be made into needed things and cycled through multiple times. While a perfectly efficient cycle is unlikely, ideal solutions will result in little to no waste.


Wouldn’t it be great to know that you’ve contributed to a Mars mission of those from NASA in one way or another? Wouldn’t it be awesome to provide a revolutionizing idea for some of the smartest guys on the planet to be using? Feel free to join the challenge and give NASA your ideas!

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