NASA Scolded by the Congress Because its Plan to Get to The Moon Isn’t Ready Yet

NASA Scolded by the Congress Because its Plan to Get to The Moon Isn’t Ready Yet

The American Congress questioned NASA regarding the strategy promised concerning the sending of astronauts to the Moon until 2028. The project had to be prepared until the middle of April, but NASA representatives say it would take a while until all the details are incorporated.

Mike Pence gave NASA a new deadline at the National Space Council meeting on March 26, saying that the space agency was planning to speed up the operation. He did not mention any more details but on April 2nd, Jim Bridenstine, a NASA administrator announced that the agency would most likely provide the plans by April 15th.

However, April 15th passed, and we’re a few weeks over the scheduled date, and so the House Science Committee has questioned the delay of the project, with representant Kendra Horn saying that the lack of evidence of planning is not the right way to conduct the nation’s space programs. She also demanded to know why the project hasn’t been handed yet.

NASA’s plan to go to the Moon is not ready yet, and that worries the US Congress

William Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for human exploration, responded that the plan is a serious project and they are taking it very seriously. Also, the details have to be arranged in such a way that it is understandable.

Gerstenmaier ​also informed the Congress that the project has to be approved by the White House and this process alone might delay the handing of the plan. However, he ensured the Committee that the program should be ready in a few weeks.

But even after the plan is completed, there are yet unknown steps forward. The budget that White House and NASA will finally recommend for the 2024 Moon project have to be accepted by the Congress.

Horn said that they currently have a White House order to send humans to the Moon in only five years from now, but they still have no plan, no budget specifications on how to do it, and no complete human space exploration plan of action on how they can accomplish the horizon target, Mars.


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