NASA Scientist Responds to the Ultimate Question: is Mars a Habitable Planet?

NASA Scientist Responds to the Ultimate Question: is Mars a Habitable Planet?

Finding out if Mars is habitable or not has been one of the main preoccupations of astronomers over the years. Many hope to send humans there one day, although living on the Red Planet is nothing more than pure speculation for the moment.

The team asked a NASA scientist what is the ultimate question for many folks: is Mars a habitable planet? It’s obvious that we need the answer to the question if humanity truly wants to live there one day. Ell Bogat from the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA is happy to bring the answer:

Mars indeed lacks a lot of the conditions suitable for life that we all find on Earth. But that doesn’t mean that other organisms, much different from us and other forms of life, couldn’t evolve on our neighboring planet. Mars is far from having the potential of hosting human life, but who knows, maybe future tweaks made by scientists will make it possible for humans to live on Mars one day.

Extraterrestrial life could be closer to us than we think

So far, astronomers didn’t discover any green fellows dwelling on the Red Planet, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing living there at all. It could be like finding the needle in the haystack. Most astronomers and astrophysicists agree that the Universe must be teeming with life, but the huge distances between stars and not to mention galaxies are stopping us from going there.

The answer if Mars is habitable or not is obviously hard to provide. More studies are needed to determine for sure if the Red Planet is habitable or not. What’s for sure is that humanity could move some “toys” there in the near future! As for colonizing the planet, let’s be realistic: that’s only a hypothetical purpose for the far future.

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