NASA Says That the Newfound “Doorway” on Mars Could Lead to the “Ancient Past”

NASA Says That the Newfound “Doorway” on Mars Could Lead to the “Ancient Past”

The internet went wild just a few days ago when NASA published the photo of what appears to be a doorway into a cliff from Mars. The most frequent assumption was that the structure leads to a hideout of alien life forms.

However, NASA said that the “doorway” is most probably nothing more than just a naturally occurring phenomenon. In other words, it could only be the human imagination to blame that the structure might look like a portal used by some form of alien life form.

But since the chances are very low for humanity to have finally come in contact with aliens, the “doorway” might mean something more than just a peculiar shape.

Just a ‘dog door’ not suitable for humans

The ‘doorway’ is way too little for humans to be able to pass through it. That’s why it has been called a ‘dog door.’

The team behind NASA’s Curiosity rover that discovered the peculiar structure is confident that the crack can serve as good study material for science.

The team wrote as quotes:

In a less literal sense, my science team is interested in these rocks as a “door” to the ancient past.

If you’re still eager to say that NASA has found alien life on Mars but wants to deny it, here’s what the same scientific team behind the Curiosity rover has to say, as quoted by the same source mentioned above:

Sure, it may look like a tiny door, but really, it’s a natural geologic feature! It may just *look* like a door because your mind is trying to make sense of the unknown,

There are several linear fractures in the mound, but in this spot, several fractures intersect, which allows the rock to break at such sharp angles.

What do you think? Do you still believe that aliens exist on Mars?

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