NASA Satellite Spots Crater on Mars That Glows

NASA Satellite Spots Crater on Mars That Glows

Mars never ceases to amaze astronomers. That can only be good news, regardless of how much scientists want to know everything about the Red Planet. It means that many more wonders could be hidden by our neighboring planet.

According to, the HIRISE (High Resolution Imaging Experiment) satellite from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA has spotted a Martian crater that is truly brightening.

A crater likely created by an impact

One of the reasons why craters form on a planet is because of the impact with another space object. It’s likely also the case for the Red Planet’s bright crater that was found by HIRISE.

Behold the beautiful image:

The image was taken last year, in 2021. Astronomers have chosen to keep it as a wonderful surprise for the public until this year on January 20. And what a surprise! Mars can truly glow, more beautiful than in our best dreams. 

The crater of Mars is filled with vivid dunes. You can almost say that the image makes the astronomers more eager to go to Mars. But can it really be done? Scientists, in general, had always been skeptical about terraforming the Red Planet, but there’s at least one smart guy out there in the world who believes that it can be done. Jim Green is the man in question, a top scientist of NASA. He is even confident that humanity is capable of terraforming both Mars and Venus.

NASA’s Curiosity rover even found something incredible on Mars.

However, there’s a long road to go before scientists can irrefutably tell if humans can surely roam across Mars and build a base there. Many experiments have to be unfolded, as it’s not yet fully known how the human body can react in such a journey.


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