NASA Rover Spots Mysterious UFO on Mars – Watch Footage

NASA Rover Spots Mysterious UFO on Mars – Watch Footage

It’s not necessarily to be an astronomer to figure out that the chances are high for life to exist on other planets as well. Alien civilizations might be staring at the sky and wondering if they’re alone in the Universe, just as we do.

Some of the contestants of such scenarios invoke the following argument: it’s way too difficult for life to emerge and evolve in a complex phase such as the one we all see on Earth. So if there is complex life elsewhere, it could exist only very far away from us, in the ‘best case scenario.’ But what if alien life is just “next-door,” meaning on a neighboring planet? 

A drone or an alien spacecraft?

The ‘UFO Sightings Daily’ YouTube channel publishes some incredible photo that was allegedly spotted by one of NASA’s rovers. We can see in it what seems to be some sort of mini alien spacecraft, or it could be just a manmade drone.

Whatever the truth is, we’ll probably hear more from NASA on the subject soon enough. What’s for sure is that Mars has at least some theoretical potential for hosting life. The planet resembles Earth in a few ways, and we know very well that our planet is the only known one in the entire Universe that contains life. The Red Planet has about the same size as Earth, it contains water, and it’s also located in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of the Solar System. This area is the suitable one for some life to have chances of emerging, considering that it’s not too far away and neither too close to our host star, the Sun. That means that the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ has a suitable temperature to favor the appearance of life as we know it.

Until now, there’s no confirmation from space agencies about the existence of any life forms on Mars. 

Cristian Antonescu

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