NASA Rover Finds a Doorway on Mars – Proof for Alien Life?

NASA Rover Finds a Doorway on Mars – Proof for Alien Life?

Astronomers suspected for centuries that there could be some forms of life dwelling on our neighboring planet Mars. How complex or noncomplex it might be – that’s one big conundrum. What’s for sure is that it doesn’t take being a scientist to realize that it would be absurd for Earth to be the only planet in the Universe that contains life.

NASA sent the Curiosity rover to the Red Planet in 2012 to determine if there were any signs of microbial life existing there. Theoretically, it should be a lot easier for microscopic life to develop rather than complex organisms such as animals. But what the rover just found left many people speechless.

NASA’s Curiosity rover snaps a photo of ‘doorway’ from the Mount Sharp on Mars

Just a few days ago, on May 7, NASA’s Curiosity rover used its Mastcam to capture an incredible photo on Mars that resembles a doorway. While it rapidly triggered a huge fuss online, the structure is most likely a naturally occurring feature, according to the mission scientists.

Ashwin Vasavada, who is a project scientist from the Mars Science Laboratory, comes to shatter the dreams of those hoping that scientists have finally discovered alien life on the Red Planet. He said to Gizmodo during a phone call:

It’s just the space between two fractures in a rock.

The same source reveals that the scientist jokingly said that the structure is surely not the portal to a dungeon level of a video game. We understand by this that he completely rules out any scenario involving aliens.

However, people can still cling to the hope that aliens will be found on Mars one day. We’re talking about the fourth planet from our Sun, meaning that it’s also located in the ‘Goldilocks Zone,’ just like Earth. This is the area of the Solar System where the right temperatures exist to support life.

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