NASA Reveals That the Most Powerful Space Telescope Won’t Escape From Collisions With Space Debris

NASA Reveals That the Most Powerful Space Telescope Won’t Escape From Collisions With Space Debris

After a long wait and many delays, NASA finally released the James Webb Space Telescope on Christmas Eve, 2021. There’s no wonder why Webb is considered the most powerful telescope ever built. It may not be just a way of boasting about their invention. The telescope will uncover a lot of exciting stuff about the galaxies and their stars.

But NASA itself also reveals that it’s only a matter of time until space debris will come into collision with the agency’s new space telescope.

No need to worry

There’s no need to worry about James Webb getting damaged except for some minor damages to the mirrors. And since we’re assuming that NASA scientists aren’t superstitious enough to believe that broken mirrors will bring bad luck, that won’t be a significant problem, either.

While speaking during a live stream, Michelle Thaller, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center scientist, declared:

Some small impacts from micrometeorites will happen,

You know, over the lifetime of the mission there will be some damage to the mirrors of the telescope.

During the same stream, NASA engineer Julie Van Campen declared:

Let’s say a piece of debris hits it,

And then we had a problem like that broke a mirror.

Otherwise, NASA’s telescope is expected to work fine and bring precious information about the Cosmos for about a decade. The telescope has enough fuel to last that long, which is great news. NASA itself brought the information about Webb having so much fuel via its official website.

Among its ambitious objectives, the JWST aims to unpuzzle the mechanisms behind the powerful flickering flares that happen in the surrounding material of Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole located in our Milky Way galaxy. It’s only a matter of time before Webb will start collecting precious data!

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