NASA Reveals Beautiful Nebula That Will Be Helping New Stars to Form

NASA Reveals Beautiful Nebula That Will Be Helping New Stars to Form

NASA astronomers are always willing to explore the depths of the Cosmos, so there’s no wonder how they were able to see until the farthest regions possible – from where the light had enough time to reach us during the 13.7 billion years since the Big Bang. We should all consider ourselves lucky to be living during the age of space exploration. 

NASA recently had one more way to show us all its predilection for trying to uncover the mysteries of our reality. The space agency’s Hubble telescope still has a lot to show, and its Instagram account revealed a beautiful image of nebula ESO 455-10:

Nebulae can play a crucial role when it comes to enriching galaxies with stars. A nebula is basically an enormous cloud of gas and dust that occupy the space between stars and act as a nursery for new generations of stars.

The shells offer info about the nebula

The Hubble astronomers wrote:

The oblate shells of ESO 455-10, previously held tightly together as layers of its central star, not only give this planetary nebula its unique appearance, but also offer information about the nebula,

Seen in a field of stars, the distinct asymmetrical arc of material over the north side of the nebula is a clear sign of interactions between ESO 455-10 and the interstellar medium.

The star from the centre of ESO 455-10 is allowing Hubble to observe the interaction with the dust and gas of the nebula, the interstellar medium, and the light.

Initially, the term ‘nebula’ was used for describing diffused astronomical objects like other galaxies except for the Milky Way. Later on, astronomers like Edwin Hubble, Vesto Slipher, and others managed to uncover the true nature of galaxies in the 20th century.


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