NASA Reveals 5 Fireballs Seen Over the US in a Week

NASA Reveals 5 Fireballs Seen Over the US in a Week

Seeing a fireball blazing and hurtling across the sky is a unique and exciting event, whether you’re superstitious enough to make a wish in those moments or not. Such sights are unforgettable, but still, they can also remind us that Earth is not always such a safe place as we like to believe.

NASA raises awareness about fireballs recently appearing in the skies of the US. More precisely, the American space agency says that at least five fireballs were seen on the skies of the US last week.

An event that occurred at 7:40 p.m. ET over the coast of North Carolina gathered the most attention – more than 80 eyewitnesses.

Our publication posted two days ago about the fireball that amazed the people of North Carolina, and we must admit that the video is indeed captivating:

YouTube video

The video’s description says it all:

Stunning video from a porch in North Carolina shows a fireball streaking across the sky on Friday night, moving at 32,000 miles per hour. NASA says it was one of at least five meteors seen over the U.S. the same night.

Fireballs represent usual sights across the world, although not so prevalent as NASA says about the recent ones.
For instance, one interesting fireball lit up the skies over the UK back in March. If we remember about what happened in June 2020, another fireball of a greenish color illuminated above Australia.

If you’ve also been nostalgic about those age-old speculations about extraterrestrial civilizations coming to Earth from other galaxies in extremely fast and sparkling spaceships, now’s the time to put your imagination at work once again! Surely aliens would have a lot of interesting things to see here, if they truly are there, somewhere.


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