NASA Presents Breathtaking Nebulae Spotted By Hubble in New Video

NASA Presents Breathtaking Nebulae Spotted By Hubble in New Video

We all should feel so privileged to be living during a time in human history when it’s possible to see cosmic structures located light-years away from us and understand some crucial information about them. Throughout history, many different cultures of the world associated cosmic objects only with supernatural forces.

While we don’t deny that nonphysical forces are somehow behind the creation and the way cosmic objects work until a certain point, we’re glad to know more about our Cosmos than humanity did hundreds and not to mention thousands of years ago.

Fabulous nebulae spotted by Hubble over the years

During over three decades of activity, the Hubble Space Telescope had enough time to bring the world countless insights regarding our Solar System, the Milky Way galaxy, and even further beyond. now presents a breathtaking NASA video that shows some of the discoveries made by the Hubble telescope:

YouTube video

For those who don’t know what a nebula is, we’re basically talking about a huge amount of gas and dust. The definition sounds simple, but these cosmic objects can be more beautiful than someone can imagine. Let’s not forget that there are different types of nebulae.

Hubble never seems to rest, although it’s slowly but surely approaching its replacement. The next-generation James Webb Space Telescope will take its place very soon, and it will be used to provide deeper insights into the formation and evolution of galaxies. Hubble even spotted an amazingly beautiful spiral galaxy recently that’s located more than 50 million light-years away from Earth.

Edwin Hubble was a prestigious American astronomer who reported unprecedented and extremely important discoveries for astronomy. He is the scientist who first found out that our Milky Way galaxy is just one out of many other galaxies present in the Cosmos. That was about 100 years ago, and the Hubble telescope was named after the astronomer himself.


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