NASA InSight Spacecraft For Mars Mission Has Just Arrived At Its Launch Site

NASA InSight Spacecraft For Mars Mission Has Just Arrived At Its Launch Site

The InSight spacecraft for the future NASA’s mission on Mars has just settled at its launch site, at the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The NASA will soon commence the last arrangements for the InSight spacecraft which is set to launch during May this year.

InSight has the mission to explore the Mars’ underground

Today, the shuttle was delivered from the Lockheed Martin’s center in Denver and, at 6:49 PM EST (3:49 PM PST) it arrived at Vanderberg base.

The future NASA InSight mission is designed to search the Martian underground in order to research Red Planet’s interior activity by analyzing quakes and Mars’ core heat.

NASA’s InSight will analyze seismic waves produced by the seisms on Mars in order to chart the Martian deep underground.

Besides, InSight spacecraft will set a premiere, namely, it will be the first NASA space exploration mission set to be launched from the Vanderberg base.

“The Air Force C-17 crew from the 21st Airlift Squadron gave us a great ride. Next time InSight travels as high and as fast, it will be about 23 seconds into its launch, on the way to Mars,” stated the NASA’s InSight manager, Tom Hoffman.

Many arrangements to be done until the mission’s launch

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V-401 propellant will lift off the InSight spacecraft. If everything goes as planned, the launch countdown will commence on May 5, in the morning.

“One of the most important activities before launch is to load the spacecraft with the fuel needed for the journey to Mars. After fuel loading, the spacecraft will undergo a spin-balance test to determine precisely the center of mass. This knowledge is needed to be sure the entry and descent into the Mars atmosphere go as planned.” explained Hoffman.

InSight mission on Mars is just the first of the new NASA space exploration missions set to revive the space agency’s program.


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