NASA Has Released Images Of The Earth’s Terminator – How Is The Equinox Looking Like From Outer Space

NASA Has Released Images Of The Earth’s Terminator – How Is The Equinox Looking Like From Outer Space

The US National Administration of Aeronautics and Space, NASA, has released an image of the Earth at equinox that shows the division between day and night, also known as the Earth’s terminator, which is the line that depicts the division between night and day.

NASA released images with the Earth’s Terminator

In the recently released NASA images, we can see the Earth’s terminator, the phenomenon that occurs only at equinoxes, thus, on March 20th and September 20th.

The Earth’s terminator is the straight line, ‘drawn’ from the North-South direction, that divides our planet in two, making a clearly visible difference between night and day, when the Sun’s light hits straight on the Earth’s Equator.

NASA also released an animation showing the differences between equinoxes and solstices

The photographs were captured by EUMETSAT’s Meteosat-9 satellite, from geosynchronous Earth orbit, the US space agency said on its website.

NASA details that in the sequence of images it is not the Sun that moves North or South through the seasons, but a change in the orientation and angles between Earth and the Sun.

Also, NASA released an animation where the four changes of the seasons, related to the position of the sunlight on the planet, are shown.

Astronomers from NASA explain the equinoxes and solstices

The axis of the planet Earth presents an inclination of 23.5 degrees in relation to the Sun and the plane of the ecliptic.

The axis leans away from the Sun at the December solstice and towards the East during the June solstice, extending less and, respectively more sunlight in each hemisphere.

During the equinoxes, the inclination is at a right angle to the Sun and the light extends evenly, the NASA astronomers explained.

In short, yesterday, NASA has released an image showing how the equinox looks from outer space and how clearly is visible the Earth’s Terminator line.


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