NASA Has a Launch Trailer for Its Upcoming Artemis I Mission to the Moon

NASA Has a Launch Trailer for Its Upcoming Artemis I Mission to the Moon

NASA invests a huge amount of work, time, and knowledge in making the Artemis I mission possible. Going back to the Moon has been the main dream of astronomers for decades since nobody has landed there since 1972.

The last crewed mission to our natural satellite occurred during NASA’s Apollo 17 mission. That was three years after the very first time a human landed on the Moon. Conspiracy theorists are still claiming today that hostile alien life forms existing on Mars chased any human presence away from the planet. This scenario would explain why nobody has ever been to the Moon since 1972. And who are we to judge?

However, the Artemis I mission doesn’t imply a crewed mission to our natural satellite.

NASA’s Artemis I mission will launch after August 29

NASA is now kind enough to share a trailer of its upcoming mission with the world. You are free to check it out below, but we’re warning you: it can cause a serious addiction!

The description from NASA’s YouTube channel explains a bit about the upcoming mission:

NASA’s Artemis I mission is targeted to launch no earlier than Aug. 29, 2022.

Artemis I will be the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems: the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the ground systems at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first in a series of increasingly complex missions, Artemis I will be an uncrewed flight test that will provide a foundation for human deep space exploration, and demonstrate our commitment and capability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond.

NASA scientists also proved that they have a pretty good sense of humor. Last year in November, we shared the news about a possible collaboration between the space agency and LEGO Education in order to send toys to the Moon along with the upcoming Artemis mission.

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