NASA Expert Warns That Auroras Could Fry Our Electronics And Destroy The Civilization As We Know It

NASA Expert Warns That Auroras Could Fry Our Electronics And Destroy The Civilization As We Know It

NASA has revealed a fantastic capture of the Northern Lights for World Earth Day, but the astronomer who took it wrote in the picture’s caption a bizarre warning. The astronomer, Juan Carlos Casado​ who took the photo in Iceland’s sky in 2016 named the spectacle ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ and warned that the phenomenon could eventually harm the human civilization by interfering with global power grids.

The beast within the beauty of the phenomenon is the wave of charged particles that forms the aurora but might, one day, hinder civilization, Juan Carlos Casado wrote in the photo’s capture.

Following remarkable auroras seen all over the planet in 1859, a pulse of charged particles from a coronal mass ejection (CME) correlated with a solar blaze collided in the Earth’s magnetosphere with such a force that they created the Carrington Event.

A prior coronal mass ejection might have destroyed a rather direct axis between the Earth and the Sun.

Auroras can destroy our civilization as we know it, NASA expert said

The Carrington Event squeezed the Earth’s magnetic field in such a severe manner that currents were formed in telegraph cables so dangerous that many wires flashed sparkles and ended up giving shocks to the telegraph operators, Juan Carlos Casado said, adding that the before-mentioned event is a definite one. He also revealed that if a Carrington-like Event were to hit the Earth today, it is implied that the disaster which might occur to power grills and electronics will be on such a high scale that it was never experienced before.

The beautiful aurora was settled above Thingvallavatn Lake in Iceland,​ a water body that in some measures fills a rift that splits Earth’s large Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

The result of electrically charged particles from the sun crashing with particles in the Earth’s atmosphere is what creates the auroras. In support of environmental protection, on April 22 the world is celebrating Earth Day. The celebratory day was for the first time held in 1970, and it now has 193 events all over the globe. The first ever Earth Day was patented when 22 million Americans proceeded to march in protest against the destroying of the environment.

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