NASA Discovers the Oldest Galaxy in the Universe Due to the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA Discovers the Oldest Galaxy in the Universe Due to the James Webb Space Telescope

In some weird way that we’re still struggling to grasp, our Universe can still be considered very young. It was born 13.78 billion years ago thanks to an event known as the Big Bang, although there’s no assurance that nothing existed before that specific moment. For a galaxy to have almost the same age, that’s indeed incredible! 

But astronomers found such a galaxy thanks to observations done by James Webb. GLASS-z13 (GN-z13) is the name of the newfound system of stars that’s 13.5 billion years old. The galaxy breaks the record of the previously-known oldest galaxy in the Universe, which was 100 million years younger.

GN-z13 formed only 300 million years after the Big Bang

300 million years sure sounds like an eternity for us humans. But for the Universe, it could be almost nothing. The newfound GN-z13 galaxy formed just 300 million years after the Big Bang event that led to the creation of the Universe as we know it. 

Although we’re talking about a galaxy, GN-z13 is a pretty small one. It measures only 1,600 light-years across. James Webb also discovered another galaxy along with GN-z13: the one known as GN-z11, which is also a very small one. Scientists published their recent work in arXiv.

Here’s what scientists stated in their paper, as Daily Mail quotes:

These two objects already place novel constraints on galaxy evolution in the cosmic dawn epoch,’ researchers shared in the paper.

They indicate that the discovery of GNz11 was not simply a matter of good fortune, but that there is likely a population of UV luminous sources with very high star-formation efficiencies capable of compiling.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope opened a new era of space exploration along with the release of the first full-color pictures of the distant Cosmos that came out on July 12.

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