NASA Discovered The Water On The Moon Is Spread Broadly

NASA Discovered The Water On The Moon Is Spread Broadly

NASA obtained evidence that water found on the Moon is spread broadly over the surface. NASA assembled the proofs discovered by two different Moon missions.

The researchers are interested to find if the lunar water could be used as a resource

Now, when future missions to the Moon are wanted by the American administration and NASA, the scientists are very interested in obtaining a viable method to use the water on the Moon for obtaining oxygen or drinking water.

“We find that it doesn’t matter what time of day or which latitude we look at, the signal indicating water always seems to be present,” explained Joshua Bandfield, the study’s leading author.

The discoveries were published in the Nature Geoscience journal. These new pieces of evidence can assist scientists to obtain more data on how the water on the moon formed there.

The water on the Moon
The scientists hope they will be able to learn more about water sources and about the ways the water could be collected on the long-term on other objects from our solar system.

But to get there, the researchers have to find out how that happened on the Moon. At the time being, scientists are yet working on resolving the water on the Moon mystery.

The study’s conclusions show that water (H2O) or OH are produced when the solar winds hit the lunar surface.

However, there hasn’t been cut off yet the theory that the water on the Moon could’ve been on the Earth’s natural satellite since its formation. That would mean that the water on the Moon has been formed in the deep underground minerals’ formations of the Moon and the water remained captured in there.

In conclusion, the study shows that water on the Moon is spread broadly on the rocky lunar surface. However, the scientists are far from finding a solution on how to use the water on the Moon for future lunar missions.


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