NASA Brings Major Challenge to the Public: Could Mars Ever Had Been Habitable? Financial Incentive is at Stake

NASA Brings Major Challenge to the Public: Could Mars Ever Had Been Habitable? Financial Incentive is at Stake

Could there be any little green folks with big black eyes on our neighboring planet Mars? Could they possibly exist there and look at our planet from a telescope, wondering for themselves if they’re alone in the Solar System? 

As far as NASA has been looking across Mars with its powerful toys, there’s no trace of any form of life existing there in the present. But even if that’s true, another conundrum emerges: could life ever have existed on the Red Planet? Surely NASA already has a lot of smart guys trying to figure that thing up, but still, there could be many more smart fellows in the world who can provide some help. The space agency knows it very well, which is why it’s now releasing a major challenge.

NASA teams up with HeroX to launch the $30,000 challenge

If you know any good ways to analyze data about the potential of the Red Planet to host any life forms, you could win $30,000 from NASA and the crowdsourcing platform HeroX. There’s a new challenge available that reveals, and you better consider participating if you’re passionate about astronomy!

If you think you have what it takes to win the challenge, you can go ahead and take a look at the full competition eligibility requirements

HeroX said, as quoted by

The winning techniques may be used to help analyze data from Mars, and potentially even inform future designs for planetary mission instruments.

The company also stated, as the same source quotes:

Solutions in this challenge are intended to serve as a starting point for continued research and development,

The challenge organizers intend to make the data available online after the competition for ongoing improvement.

What do you think? Would you be willing to join the challenge and help NASA solve the mystery?


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