NASA Astronauts Return Home After More Than Half a Year on the ISS

NASA Astronauts Return Home After More Than Half a Year on the ISS

As their mission is almost accomplished, two NASA astronauts are ready to return home after more than a half a year at the ISS. How hard will it be for them to see the changing world due to the COVID-19 outbreak? They expressed their feelings and thoughts, saying it will be tough, but they’re prepared.

Andrew Morgan, for example, explained how he tried to be up-to-date with what the world is currently facing. But, it was a little bit challenging to understand what’s going on, he noted. “We can tell you that the Earth still looks just as stunning as always from up here, so it’s difficult to believe all the changes that have taken place since both of us have been up here,” detailed astronaut Jessica Meir.

NASA Astronauts Return to a Changed World

NASA astronauts, Andrew Morgand and Jessica Meir will return home next week after more than half a year at the ISS, as reported on CTV. Morgan enrolled in mission back in July 2018, while Meir followed him later on in September. They will return home in a Soyuz capsule, designed by the Russian space agency, Roscosmos. Oleg Skripochka, a Russian astronaut, will join them, too. The capsule is expected to land in Kazakhstan. The three will make their comeback exactly 50 years after the Apollo 13 astronauts reached the Pacific. An oxygen tank crash aborted the entire moon-landing mission.

What Are the American Astronauts’ Thoughts?

Morgan, as an emergency physician in the Army, NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan stated that he feels somehow guilty. Returning midway through the pandemic crisis seems unfair for him, saying that “it’s very hard to fathom.” As for NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, she said it will be tough and sad not to hug her family and friends. She anticipates feeling more isolated at home than at the ISS. “But it will, of course, be wonderful to see some family and friends, at least virtually and from a distance for now,” detailed Meir.

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