NASA Asks For Photos Of Clouds And The STEVE Aurora

NASA Asks For Photos Of Clouds And The STEVE Aurora

After having repeatedly asked for the participation of the general public, now, NASA needs photos of clouds and the STEVE Aurora, as part of its CERES project and Aurorasaurus project, respectively. Therefore, it is the clouds and auroras enthusiasts who will be targeted now by the NASA team.

NASA needs help for its CERES project

NASA is asking for the community’s help for the analysis and confirmation of data from various observation instruments located on six different satellites.

All of this data will be processed as part of the CERES project (Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System), which seeks to better understand the clouds and, more specifically, their precise role in the climate change process.

Therefore, NASA needs photos of clouds until April 15th.

To participate, all you’ll have to do is to download the GLOBE Observer app, which gives a step-by-step procedure on how to send your photos showing clouds.

Other data will be requested during the photos sending process and includes information about the color of the sky at the time of the photography (deep blue to pale blue) or the type of cloud you’ve captured on the image.

NASA also wants help with the STEVE Aurora

Besides CERES project, Aurorasaurus, a community science project funded by NASA, asks the public to help them with more photos of STEVE Aurora.

The STEVE Aurora is a strip of approximately 25-30 kilometers wide, aligning from east to west and stretching for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of kilometers.

The temperature inside a STEVE was measured at 3000 Celsius and the phenomenon can take about an hour or more and it seems to be seasonal, disappearing between October and February.

Now, NASA is up to study STEVE more and wants people to send photos of STEVE Aurora on the official Aurorasaurus site.

In conclusion, NASA needs our help and we can aid the space agency by sending photos of clouds and the STEVE Aurora.



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