NASA Announces That It Will Send the First Person of Color on the Moon

NASA Announces That It Will Send the First Person of Color on the Moon

Humans haven’t been to the Moon for over half of century, but the upcoming Artemis program aims to fix that. As usual, NASA wants more, and it surprised some people when it revealed that a man and a woman would be the first humans who will land on Mars after so many years.
As Fox News writes, NASA will also send the first person of colour to our natural satellite during the Artemis program. The big news comes from NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk as he wrote in a statement from the new budget proposal of President Joe Biden.

$24.7 billion for NASA

The new Biden administration budget proposal would give NASA $24.7 billion, and Steve Jurczyk revealed:

We know this funding increase comes at a time of constrained resources, and we owe it to the president and the American people to be good and responsible stewards of every tax dollar invested in NASA.

While praising the budget proposal, Jurczyk also added:

[The funding] keeps NASA on the path to landing the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon under the Artemis program
This goal aligns with President Biden’s commitment to pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.

As NASA itself reveals, the return of humans to the Moon will mark the building of sustainable elements for allowing robots and astronauts to conduct some advanced science. The American space agency is even seeking partners regarding the Artemis mission, and even more lunar science experiments are needed.
As our website wrote back in December last year, NASA also aims to create oxygen on the Red Planet. Mars has a lot less oxygen than Earth, which can be a major hindrance. The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment device that’s mounted on the Perseverance rover aims to produce oxygen on Mars one day by guzzling CO2 and electrochemically split its molecules into carbon monoxide and oxygen. The next phase will be to combine oxygen molecules into carbon dioxide.


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