NASA Administrator Reveals When Humanity Could Lay Foot on Mars

NASA Administrator Reveals When Humanity Could Lay Foot on Mars

For thousands of years, astronomers have known that Mars is out there in space and waiting for us. For the Universe, it’s practically “next-door.” But for us humans, the minimum distance of 54.6 million kilometers is huge. That’s more than a third of the distance between Earth and the Sun.

You may have already guessed that going to Mars is no child’s play as it might seem in sci-fi movies or video games. But even so, astronomers never give up hope. Colonizing Mars is one of the ambitious possible goals in astronomy. But until such an achievement, astronomers need to figure out how to land on the Red Planet first.

Humans could go to Mars by 2040

NASA’s Administrator Bill Nelson spoke very eulogistically about its space agency recently. He also brought the claim that humans will lay foot on the Red Planet in less than a decade.

Nelson said as quotes:

Our goal is to apply what we’ve learned living and operating on the moon and continue then out into the solar system. Our plan is for humans to walk on Mars by 2040.

Some astronomers even consider it mandatory for humans to make it to Mars as soon as possible. They believe that the fate of the entire human race might be at stake.

The upcoming Artemis mission of NASA will mark the return of humans to the Moon after more than half of a century. As for going to another planet, no astronaut has ever achieved such a goal. However, instead of Mars, there’s pretty much no other option available in the Solar System when it comes to another possible destination. Mercury and Venus are way too hot, Saturn and Jupiter are not even solid objects, while Uranus and Neptune are too far away and too cold. 

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